Current Pressures on General Practice

Information from your Local Medical Committee on how our practice is having to adapt to increasing pressures on GP Services: 

Local Medical Committee Statement

Physiotherapy Self Referral System Restarted

The Edinburgh Community Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Out-Patient Service has restarted their self-referral process, so patients can submit their own self-referral form if they feel they need to seek help with a musculoskeletal issue.

The service is available to those aged 16 years or over, to request ROUTINE out-patients physiotherapy. If you consider your problem to be urgent then you will need to be referred from your GP.

The service should be used to refer yourself for ONE problem only. They are not able to accept self-referrals for multiple, unrelated problems. For that, please speak to your GP.

To access the forms, and more information on the service, use the link, or scan the QR code, below:

It’s not currently possible to email the completed forms back to the service, so you need to be able to print them and post them to the address detailed in the form. If you don’t have access to a printer then you can pick up a copy of the referral form from the Practice reception.

For advice and self-care information that can help muscle and joint problems, visit

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Do you have muscle, bone or joint problems?

Ms Lucy Muller, a GP Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) now works within our practice.


If you have, or think you have, a musculoskeletal (MSK) problem, she can provide an alternative to seeing a GP.


She will provide expert assessment of MSK conditions i.e. muscle, bone and joint problems such as back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. She can provide you with a clinical diagnosis, give you advice on how to manage the problem and suggest appropriate exercise for you to work on independently.


With your agreement and when appropriate, she can refer you to specialist services such as physiotherapy for supported rehab, X-Ray or orthopaedics. If needed she can liaise with your GP to arrange medication or discuss any non- MSK symptoms which might have been found.


You can request an appointment with the GP APP; you may also be directed to him by reception staff who have had training to help them guide you to GP APP. Your GP may also ask you to see the GP APP for an expert MSK opinion.


Nature Prescribing

How can getting out in to nature help me?

There is growing evidence that nature makes us healthier and happier.

Connecting with nature can help you:
• Reduce anxiety.
• Improve cardiovascular health.
• Sleep better.
• Improve concentration.
• Improve vitality and mood.
• Increase your life satisfaction and happiness.

A Patient’s Story

“Woodland walk is a very good activity to do for people with anxiety, depression, work related stress and any other mental health issues.

I was given a leaflet by my doctor to go online, which I did, and I found it very helpful. You can do activities online or you can do various outdoor and local activities walking, group sessions.

I benefited from the woodland walk with people that are in the same or similar situation so you can walk and chat, it takes your mind off every day life and gives your mind time to relax and enjoy the day.

I benefit from it a lot and it does help especially if you’re having a down day as well and I’m really glad I looked at the website.”


Find out more about the health benefits of nature at: and

As with any trip outdoors, please dress for the weather and be aware of your own safety.

Take your doctor’s advice and work to your ability.


Nature Prescriptions Edinburgh Leaflet Final Web +.pdf

030-0709-19-20_Nature Prescriptions Edinburgh Pilot Calendar Final WEB +.pdf030-0709-19-20_Nature Prescriptions Edinburgh Pilot Calendar Final WEB +.pdf



Cervical Screening

Did you know that HPV (or Human Papilloma Virus) causes 99% of all cervical cancers?

Your smear test now screens for HPV.

HPV testing is more effective, that's why if no HPV is found, it's safe to wait 5 years between tests.

Visit NHS inform for more information.


Why are GP Practices still working differently?