Why are GP Practices still working differently?

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Do you have muscle, bone or joint problems?

Mr Sam Lockwood, a GP Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) now works within our practice.


If you have, or think you have, a musculoskeletal (MSK) problem, he can provide an alternative to seeing a GP.


He will provide expert assessment of MSK conditions i.e. muscle, bone and joint problems such as back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. He can provide you with a clinical diagnosis, give you advice on how to manage the problem and suggest appropriate exercise for you to work on independently.


With your agreement and when appropriate, he can refer you to specialist services such as physiotherapy for supported rehab, X-Ray or orthopaedics. If needed he can liaise with your GP to arrange medication or discuss any non- MSK symptoms which might have been found.


You can request an appointment with the GP APP; you may also be directed to him by reception staff who have had training to help them guide you to GP APP. Your GP may also ask you to see the GP APP for an expert MSK opinion.


New Members of Staff

We are delighted to welcome:

Dr Jemima Attwell who is a General Practice Specialist Trainee and will be working with us for the next year.


Dr Komal Ahmed who is a Second Year Foundation doctor who will be with us for the next four months.


Mr Sam Lockwood who will be joining us as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner.