We are proud to be a GP Training Practice involved in the training of the next generation of GPs. GP trainees are already qualified doctors who have completed several years in various specialties in hospital medicine, who are now choosing to specialise in General Practice. You may book an appointment with these doctors in the usual way, and may be asked to be involved in video consultations to aid their learning. We have strict rules regarding confidentiality with regards to all consultations, but particularly those being recorded.

Since August 2006 we have had a Foundation Doctor (FY2 Doctor) training with us. Foundation Doctors are fully qualified doctors who want to gain experience in General Practice. The FY2 doctor will have a placement with the practice on a 4-month rotation. Dr FitzGerald Frazer is the supervisor for the FY2 doctor. You will be able to book appointments with the Foundation Doctor in the usual way.

Medical students often sit in with the doctor. If you would rather see the doctor alone, please say so. We sometimes record consultations on video for teaching purposes within the practice, but your permission will always be asked for, and you will be free to consult in private if you prefer.


Baronscourt Surgery is also a teaching practice. The Practice is one of only 18 practices in Edinburgh which teach 2nd year students. We also teach 5th year students, who rotate on a 4 week placement normally. This means that we deal with the whole spectrum of medical education from the most basic introduction to patient care, to the stage when our GP Trainees are ready to go out and practice as fully qualified GPs.

In some other countries junior doctors are taught using actors and computer simulations so that they only come face to face with real people when they are already qualified! In the UK, and this practice, we believe that the best teaching comes from patients themselves. We need volunteers all the time to achieve and would welcome your help and co-operation.

If you would like to help by participating, please fill in the form below and hand it in to reception. If you are needed, a doctor will call you to explain more about the teaching, check whether you still wish to be involved and arrange a suitable time for you to come in.

Involvement in Medical Student Teaching.pdf