Who should I see?

Your primary health care team is made up of different health care professionals who are ready to help you with your concerns.

You may not need to see a GP for your health need and another health care professional may be able to help you more quickly.

Please see the information below for conditions that may be managed by other professionals.

For further infomation about who to see, our reception team are happy to advise you.


Baronscourt Surgery Signpost Guide

Other health professionals may be able to help you. Please have a look at our signpost guide to help you access the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.

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Community Link Worker

Community Link Worker

How a Community Link Worker can help you...


A Community Link Worker can help you find services, organisations, groups, and activities that may help your health and wellbeing. They can offer a series of meetings and are able to chat about anythng that is non-medical.

Community Link Workers use social prescribing to help you have more control over your life and the things that matter to you. They are based in GP Surgeries and have good connections with local services and resources.


linked hands

What is social prescribing?


Social presribing is a way of helping you manage your wellbeing by connecting with local resources.

Many things can affect your wellbeing including

  • Housing
  • Money worries
  • Family life

The Community Link Worker is there to listen and help you make changes. They can put you in touch with people and activites that might help you feel better and improve your wellbeing.



How does it work?


Community Link Workers can offer you short-term support with:

  • Thinking about positive steps to move forward
  • Finding services that you might find useful and helping you to access them
  • Introducing you to groups and services, and going along with you the first few times



Who can Community Link Workers support?


Anyone aged 16 or over who is looking for help to manage their wellbeing ca be conncted with a Community Link Worker.



What happens next?


Your GP or other clinical practice staff can refer you to a Community Link Worker, who will then contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Your appointment can be arranged in person or over the phone.



Patient Feedback


"The Community Link Worker can been a real gem of support over the lat few months, through both their research into resources for me and as a person listening and responding to me. Thank you."



Within the Practice


A Community Link Worker is based in the practice Mondays and Wednesdays every week.

You can be referred to The CLW by your GP or Nurse.